About PMMP

The idea for the Prague Multicultural Music Project (PMMP) came about when the founder, Linda Shea traveled to Europe in pursuit of a project to advance her music career.  In the midst of trying to come up with an idea for developing a Fulbright Grant during the summer of 2015, the effect of the refugee crisis on Europe was quite noticeable. It was blatant that the refugees were living parallel lives along side but not with, the Czech and German nationals in the area. Therefore, an idea began to brew between the founder of the PMMP and a Czech orchestral conductor from India (Debashish Chaudhuri) and his wife who is a world-class pianist from the Czech Republic. The plan initiated out of a desire to bring people together from all parts of the world to interact through music rehearsals, concerts, clinics, masterclasses and seminars during the summer.  Now the plan has transformed into a full fledged music festival with musicians coming from Germany, New Zealand, China, Iraq, Australia, South Africa, the United States, the Czech Republic and beyond, to play music of various backgrounds, ranging from classical to jazz, blues, rock and folk music from various cultures. The musicians will participate in three orchestral concerts that take place in Prague, Ustek and Jablonec (small villages just outside the city) and the rest of the time, the musicians will split up into small jazz combos, string ensembles, brass ensembles, etc. The music will be presented in a way that energizes and educates the musicians through the combined American and Czech/Indian conductors on the podium and also through the activites during the day. The huge benefit will be that everything is open to the public, not only the concerts but the clinics and presentations as well. Various jazz clubs and restaurants in the area will host the smaller concerts and the orchestral concerts will be in partnership with and as part of the Ustek Music Festival and the American Spring Festival. The highlight of the week will be traveling to Antonin Dvorak's summer home, and having the honor of meeting his grandson, Antonin Dvorak III.